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Add Natural Lighting to your Home with Bow Windows

If you are in the market for new, energy efficient windows you’ve definitely come to the right place. Furthermore, you are about to make one of the smartest home improvements you can make. Here at Community Builders, all of our windows are the highest quality available and are as energy efficient as they come! We only put our name on the highest quality windows and we offer fair and honest prices. Our energy efficient windows are quite simply the highest quality windows on the market. They are all vinyl, fiberglass enforced, and built to save you energy dollars while keeping your home comfortable all year long! When it comes to new windows, there is definitely not a shortage when it comes to styles. If you are looking for a window that offers expansive views while providing a great deal of natural light, then look no further than our bow windows. This versatile window is made of a grouping of four or more tall and narrow windows of equal size that are built into a curved window structure that projects from an exterior wall. The two angled side windows usually can be operated and are angled at 45 degrees or 30 degrees. The fixed center window is similar to a smaller picture window. The end result is a gorgeous window that provides larger views of a back, front, or side yard because they offer a 180-degree view of the outside. Plus, you will enjoy increased air flow with a curved design.

Our bow windows are a very popular choice because of these two great attributes. Many of our satisfied customers who chose our bow windows have sent us emails stating that they absolutely love their new windows and wish they would have made the investment years ago. They knew they would soon start to save in their monthly energy bills but they say they had no idea they would save as much as they are.


Winter is just now beginning to get started. If you are holding onto your old and leaky windows, you better keep your coat handy. Your old windows were not built and designed to be energy efficient. This means that your expensive heated air is literally flying out the window. Stop suffering through an uncomfortable home this winter! Making matters worse, every month that goes by you are having to deal with extremely high and unaffordable energy bills. The highest quality windows, expert installers and honest pricing. That’s the Community Builders difference!

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