Stop Sweating at Home and Start Enjoying your Summer

Summer or Winter, Spring or Fall, it just doesn’t make financial sense to hold onto old, leaky and inefficient windows. It just doesn’t. The reason is that old windows were not designed to be energy efficient. They just weren’t. So, all of your expensive, cooled, or heated air will escape out of your inefficient windows. This is a major problem because no matter how low you crank your air conditioning, your house feels warm and muggy and just plain old uncomfortable. On top of being really uncomfortable, you will be socked with extremely high energy bills. This is a never ending cycle that is only working out for the energy companies. We know that investing in new, high quality, energy efficient windows isn’t cheap. This is why we strive to keep our overhead down so that we can keep our replacement window costs as low as possible.

Here at Community Builders of Tulsa, Oklahoma, we are proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry! We have earned our name by offering the highest quality products at extremely fair and honest replacement window costs. All of our windows are high quality. All of them! No pressure, no games, just good products and fair and honest replacement window costs. This is how we’ve always done business and it will never change! We believe that those companies that offer a monster selection of windows that vary in energy efficiency are misleading and confusing. Every single window that we sell here at Community Builders is high quality and energy efficient.

To ensure a proper installation, we custom-build all of our windows so they fit perfectly and provide you with the best performance possible. Aside from just offering high-quality windows we also believe we have the very best, most experienced installers in the business. They will make sure that you get an airtight seal so that you will start saving energy. Our windows are all vinyl, fiberglass-reinforced, energy efficient windows with lots of styles and features to choose from. High-quality, vinyl windows & fair and honest replacement window costs. That is and will always be the Community Builders difference!

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