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“I am taking longer to write a thank you note than it did for your men to complete the excellent siding job on my house. Your crew of two men…worked like it was their own home and did excellent work. You can be assured that I will recommend your company and these men when the word siding comes up. My wife is pleased with the work and the final job!”
Chuck P.

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A Quality Insulation WILL SAVE you BIG $$$$$$$$

Insulation is so important for your home. Not only does it make your home warmer in winter, it also helps keep it cooler in summer. Many people really don’t know that. This is why insulation is most often only thought about in the winter. It’s IMPORTANT in the summer too! This is because insulation traps […]

You Won’t Believe how Updating One Element CAN TRANSFORM your Bathroom

If you have an ugly, cracked and discolored tub there’s never been a better time to update it. Many people just “turn a blind eye” to their eyesore tub because they are afraid that it’s going to take a really long time and be crazy expensive to get a new tub. Stop letting your ugly […]

Don’t Just Build a Sunroom–Build a Dream Room

There are so many benefits to adding a sunroom to your home. Local home improvement experts say that this investment is a wise one that will increase your home’s value. The thing that I have always loved about my sunroom is that I can enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by pesky bugs. Plus, I […]

Our House Windows in Tulsa WILL SAVE YOU BIG $$$$$$

If your house is full of old and leaky windows, why are you holding on to them? You are not saving yourself any money by keeping them. You really are NOT! Inefficient windows are leaky and they are single handedly the biggest reason why your house is either hot in the summer or cold in […]

Make a VERY Smart Investment & Get MONEY BACK

Replacing your old and leaky windows is BY FAR one of the smartest home improvements you can make. You will immediately start saving on your energy bills, plus you will be making a very smart investment. Energy efficient, vinyl windows can help save you money on your heating or cooling bills, while adding value to […]

UP your Curb Appeal, Make a SMART Investment, & SAVE $$$ on Energy Bills

If you really want to save energy while adding some gorgeous curb appeal vinyl siding is a great choice. Not only will high quality vinyl siding drastically enhance the exterior of your home it is also a smart investment. Not only does it lower yearly upkeep and maintenance costs, it dramatically increases energy efficiency and […]

Invest in a Maintenance Free Roof that LASTS

Years ago, most homeowners thought asphalt was really their only option for their roof. Not the case anymore! Metal roofs are definitely gaining in popularity. Not just for businesses but for homes as well. There are many reasons why metal is becoming the “go to” option for durable and hassle free roofing. To me, the […]