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Choose the Company that Has EARNED Oklahoma’s TRUST

If you’ve been putting off replacing your old windows, you need to stop procrastinating. I’m not disputing the fact that windows are not cheap but they will pay for themselves over time. This is true IF you invest in high quality vinyl replacement windows. You need to be careful that you invest in a quality […]

Not ALL Insulation is the SAME

Many homeowners really only think about insulation in the cold, winter months. The truth of the matter is that insulation is important all year long! In the winter months, having the correct amount of high quality insulation will keep your home nice and warm. In the summertime, having adequate insulation will keep your home cool! […]

Choose the Company that has Earned Oklahoma’s Trust

Many homeowners hold onto their old and inefficient windows because they just don’t think they can afford new energy efficient windows. Yes, it is an investment but it is a great investment that will eventually pay for itself. How, you ask? After several years of deep and noticeable energy savings. The main issue with inefficient […]

Quality Windows, Expert Installers & Fair Pricing IS the Community Builders WAY

Now that it’s cold outside, many homeowners are thinking about their windows. If your home feels chilly no matter how high you set your thermostat, you probably have old, leaky windows. You see, old windows are not designed to be energy efficient and just cannot keep your heated air inside where it belongs. It all […]

Start Singing in your Bathroom Again

If your bathroom puts you in a bad mood, stop ignoring it and take care of it once and for all. The year is 2015 and bathroom remodeling is NOTHING like how it used to be. You know, terribly inconvenient and lengthy. Here at Community Builders, our bath remodel will have you singing in your […]

STOP Wasting your MONEY–Invest in the LAST Roof you will Ever Need

For years, metal roofs have been gaining in popularity for commercial properties. No big surprise there but now the material is picking up steam in the residential market. Drive around and you will see that more and more homeowners are getting rid of their flimsy asphalt roofs that need to be replaced every 10-15 years […]

Enjoy ALL the Seasons No Matter what the Temps Are

When you think of a sunroom, many people immediately think of the summertime. Sure these retreats are fantastic getaways from the bugs, critters and extreme temps of summer. However, they are also amazing in the cold, winter months. No one wants to freeze outside while taking in all the beauty that winter holds. Our Oklahoma […]