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“Jim & his brother (the Mathis brothers) just left my house after installing my windows and I have to say I was overwhelmingly impressed with both the quality of the windows and the exceptional installation job. I have 3 more projects that I am going to do over a bit of time and I believe that I will be contacting Community Builders first for a quote on the jobs. Thank You for such great service and quality.”
Raymond Raley

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Our Bath Systems are Just Like Pressing the EASY Button

I just don’t understand why so many homeowners turn a blind eye to their ugly bathtubs. It’s as if they just gave up and threw the towel in. Bathrooms are important nowadays. Think about it, you don’t want to have company over and see your beautiful living areas and then step into a dated and […]

Top Notch Products–Plus FAIR and HONEST Siding Cost Pricing

If your home is need of some much needed curb appeal, a high quality vinyl siding is a great option. There are so many advantages, including the fact that it lowers yearly upkeep and maintenance costs, increases energy efficiency and it can even increase the value of your home. Energy efficient vinyl siding allows you […]

When it Comes to Windows–Cheap is Most Likely NOT ENERGY EFFICIENT

Sometimes I feel like I need to shake homeowners and tell them it DOESN’T make sense to hold onto their old and leaky windows. The problem is that no matter how low you crank your air, your home is hot. In the winter time, it’s cold! Stop throwing your money out the window. No matter […]

It’s NOT A Sunroom–It’s a DREAM Room with Community Builders

If you absolutely LOVE the great outdoors, but hate bugs, critters and extreme temps, our Oklahoma City Sunroom is for you! Here at Community Builders of Tulsa, Oklahoma, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We’ve earned our reputation by offering high quality products at fair […]

NO ONE Wants to Replace their Roof Every 10-15 years–So DON’T

Asphalt roofing is probably the most popular roofing option out there. The obvious reasons are that it’s readily available and its cheap. But when you take into account that asphalt only lasts 10-15 years, it doesn’t really work out to be a very economical choice. This is why many homeowners are turning to metal roofs […]

Your Windows WILL Pay for Themselves Overtime

We all know that if you have old and leaky windows, holding onto them is costing you money. I understand that making the investment isn’t exactly cheap, but in the long run you WILL save money. Here’s the deal. Turning a blind eye to your old and inefficient windows means you are literally throwing your […]

LOOK FORWARD to your Bath or Shower EVERY DAY

Do you get into a bad mood every time you step foot into your old, outdated and ugly bathtub? Stop starting your day off this way! Here at Community Builders of Tulsa Oklahoma we can help. Easily, Quickly and affordably! Stop cringing every morning and start enjoying your bath or shower! The good news is […]