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“We were extremely pleased with your work putting the siding on our house. The installer was courteous and friendly and had very good attention to details. We feel that he worked on our house the way he would have worked on his own. His co-worker was excellent as well.”
Barbara Claff – Broken Arrow, OK

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Save BIG MONEY While Staying Warm this Winter

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s cold outside. Having said that, insulation is a vital element for your home. If you have a low quality product or simply not enough insulation, you will know it! It’s vital that you have enough. If you don’t, your house is probably uncomfortable no matter what the season is. […]

Don’t Spend this Winter Freezing in your OWN HOME

You know what I’m about to say. It just doesn’t make financial sense to hold onto your old windows. All of your expensive, heated or air conditioned air will escape out of your inefficient windows. Yes, this is why your house always feels hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Plus, your energy […]

High Quality Windows, Expert Installation & FAIR & HONEST Pricing

Many homeowners hold onto their old and leaky windows because they want to save money and avoid the investment. I am here to tell you that each and every month that you are holding into your leaky windows you are losing money. Holding onto inefficient windows costs you each and every month in the form […]

Say Goodbye to your Ugly Bathroom with our Beautiful & Affordable Bath Remodel

No one wants to step into an old, moldy and unattractive bathtub or shower! Having said that, so many homeowners turn a blind eye to their ugly showers thinking their options are limited. I am here to tell you that Community Builders of Tulsa, Oklahoma has changed the bathroom remodeling industry for the better! Many […]

Do your Homework or FAIL to Get Siding that Performs in an Energy Efficient Way

If you really don’t like the outside of your home, do SOMETHING about it! There has never been a better time than to invest in a high quality vinyl siding. Here at Community Builders of Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Little Rock we have built our stellar reputation by offering the highest quality products at fair […]

A Top Notch Installation is CRUCIAL to Maximize on Energy Savings

Everyone knows that old, leaky windows are costing you money each and every month that you hold onto them. Holding onto inefficient windows means that no matter what the season is, you are suffering through an uncomfortable home and you have crazy high energy bills every month! New energy efficient windows are definitely an investment […]

Do your Homework & Choose a Company with Quality Siding & Installers

If your homes exterior doesn’t really do it for you, it’s time to do something about it. Think about it. If you don’t love the outside of your home, your neighbors probably hate it. An easy way to make a smart home investment while getting some much needed curb appeal is with a high quality, […]