It’s true that a professional installation is important when it comes to a bathroom remodeling project. It lessens the likelihood of damage and leaks, enabling you to enjoy your space for many years to come. However, even an expert installation won’t do much if the products that are being installed aren’t up to par.

At Community Builders Inc., we install innovative Kohler shower products, and we’re excited to say they have launched a new website that makes browsing their innovative bathroom projects easy.

Different Design Options

Kohler showers are designed with timeless beauty in mind. It all starts with their luxury, high-quality LuxStone products. New Kohler showers won't chip or discolor over time, and matte finishes resist hard water marks and soap scum, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

When designing your space, you can choose from a few different looks that will tie your bathroom together including:

·  Simple Traditional features muted tones and metal finishes with a light and airy ambience.

·  Luxe Traditional is inspired by the great outdoors with bold hardware and wall options.

·  Modern Farmhouse embodies minimalism with solid-colored walls and polished chrome showerheads.

·  Urban Organic features contemporary touches, like modern, geometric shower surrounds.

Numerous Features That Complete Your Space

When planning a Tulsa bathroom remodeling project, your mind is understandably on your new shower or tub, but it’s the little things that have the ability to enhance your experience in the bathroom.

The new Kohler website makes it easy to see which accessories you can choose from to complete your space. They include:

·  Walls

·  Faucets

·  Bases

·  Doors

It also includes multiple accessory options. They include shower heads and fixtures in multiple finishes, as well as shower seats, shower bars, and multiple shelf styles.

More interested in a tub than a shower? Don’t worry. Kohler offers innovative bathtub products too!

Browse the Kohler website to get a head start on your remodel. Then, contact Community Builders Inc. Our Shower Guru will help you design the perfect bathroom for your home!